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December 02, 2018


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Thank you for the post. I too owe my interest in the natural world, and my habit of traveling with a rock hammer, to my dad.

Many thanks, Kate, this is the best gift of the season, and a marvelous remembrance of a dear friend. We are all greatly beholden to you, and in many ways.

First, of course, for recovering this recording from the dictaphone and getting it to the organizers of Dutch Design week, so that it could fulfill its original purpose. The words of the people there, and their faces, are poignant reminders of Michael's many dear friends around the world.

Thank you also for sharing their video Through the Sandglass, so that the community of followers here may have the pleasures of these words, this knowledge, these fancies, that voice - so much like the sound of a singing dune: granular, deep, soft, precise.

Foremost, however, strongest and most special, is gratitude for your memories of your times with Michael. Certainly his passions, notably arenophilia, have reached beyond his family - but you are the ones who shared most with him, mostly closely, most variously, most freely - and at impressive altitudes. I hope that you will post photos of your journeys with his substance and essence to Estonia, the Gobi, and points beyond.

And congratulations! on meeting the Simpsons challenge. You've proven your point, and it's very funny. It is good to hear Michael's laugh again.

P.S. Anyone who encounters a technical problem with the Atelier NL videos should try viewing them with IE; the combination of Windows 10 and Chrome hiccoughs whenever I try it.

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