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October 08, 2016


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All very true, all perhaps dependent on valuing the results promised. The sense of wonder has been commodified by now, obtainable without study by consumers of computer graphic effects.

I wonder if an alternative is to teach from self-interest: geology is about the factors that will poison you, give you cancer, crash the Internet and the power system, cause earthquakes, cause hurricanes, and speed up the extinction of every animal you like. Understanding geology is your best chance to save the world as you know it, or to know where to run.

With films, maybe, as cited in Mike Davis' "Ecology of Fear." Sensationalism and terror. I admit to lowering the tone.

Possibly. Except that "self-interest" does not seem to stimulate rational behaviour (at least by my definition). See, for example, the EU referendum in the UK and - dare I mention it - the upcoming US election. Combine that with facts increasingly becoming a debased currency and the insularity and self-reinforcement of social media, and it's not easy to see how this would work.

One of the most (among many) profoundly depressing aspects of the Brexit campaign was the following:

“I think people in this country,” declared Vote Leave’s Michael Gove, “have had enough of experts.” His fellow Brexiteers were quick to back him up. “There is only one expert that matters,” said Labour MP Gisela Stuart, also of Vote Leave, “and that’s you, the voter.”

Don't worry about the tone - it only gets lower...

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