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June 24, 2016


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Some of my British friends have talked about moving to the States, but I tell them, wait til after OUR elections, we may all have to move to Canada.

I live in the UK's only UKIP constituency, Clacton-on-Sea, and follow closely the actions and words of my MP, Douglas Carswell. Leaving the EU is only part of his agenda, and that of a large group of people. Far from spending the "money saved" from leaving the EU on the National Health Service, farming improvements, etc, he wants "smaller government". He is very anti-intellectual, constantly criticizing universities as hotbeds of free-speech-hating extreme socialism, which he partly blames for the view that humans are affecting the climate, which he sees as baseless propoganda (examples can be found on his blog: "TalkCarswell"). Of course, not all politicians who wanted Out are so extreme, but we also have to see that Slobodan Milosevic was once an insignificant small-town politician who spread populist ideologies dissociated from facts. Happy days!

Happy days indeed, John - your Milosevic reference is really encouraging!

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