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January 30, 2015


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Dear Mr. Welland,

I am an Austrian student, studying Geography and Spanish to become a teacher.

Now I give a talk about "The sand ends - the loss of a daily resource." I want to present the main problems of our consumer behavior and i also like to demonstrate the importance of the resource sand.

Here in Austria, there is hardly literature - almost none. So i was searching for information in the Internet, and many times i read your name and i also visited your home page. It is very interesting and helpful. But i have to consult books and literature.
Now my question is directed to you, could you recommend literature or books, which i can use online?
Or books, that i should buy?

I would be most thankful if you would answer me.

Yours sincerely,

Theresa Weißenböck

Thanks for the comment and questions, Theresa - if it's OK with you, I'll reply by email as soon as I can.


artikel yang anda bagikan menginspirasi saya agar menjaga alam

The Amber rush,,, i will put this place on my places to visit list. i want to catch the amber rush too.

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