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November 11, 2012


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I can remember reading many articles about how the human desire to live near water was going to cause increasing problems as shore-based development exploded. Unfortunately, as part of our evolution was apparently spent on the East African shore -- hence our finger/toe webbing and our ability to excrete salt, very unusual in a land mammal) managing that desire will be difficult. I imagine climate change will only exacerbate the situation, too.

Sobering pictures, thanks for highlighting them.

"I do know that climate change is occurring. And it is starting to exaggerate some of the hazards. Most notable in this area is sea level rise."
--Andy Castaldi,Swiss Re's head of catastrophe perils
which also notes, "For most primary insurers, the weather risk has now become so high, they have simply stopped writing flood insurance. So, government had to step in and is now on the hook for more than a trillion dollars in potential damages."
Well, it's one way of getting government dollars to working people, but I can think of construction projects more likely to be profitable in the long term.

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