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October 20, 2012


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Great map, thanks. It resembles stained tissue slices: patterns of growth by interpenetration, concentration gradients? Biomedical science has no problem holding public interest, but the explorers who gathered field observations into geology's Big Ideas don't offer stories of miracle cures or forensic solutions suitable for TV drama. Simon Winchester did try, with William Smith. Good for the organizers of Geological Map Day. You may enjoy this headline:
A problem with visibility is that schools don't teach much earth science. One would like to see teachers showing these videos in classrooms.

I just put some PR out on my personal Facebook site praising the video series. I have only seen the first video, but recognize that it is very well done.

There is so much informational overload, so much social networking fill of most extra time, that science of nearly any type becomes a niche. For a moment, if something gets the major attention of people, some focus will change to the physical world, for a little while... I also think there is a growing distrust, or fear being cultivated, at least in the US, starting with specific areas of science-evolution and climatology, for example of which is being extrapolated to other areas.

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