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September 01, 2012


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Getting him off of our shores for a bit lets us all breath a sigh of relief on the western side of the pond. You'll just have to do your share of babysitting :).

Thanks for the post on dunes plants, they are fascinating! But what a sad story -- sounds like Scotland's environmental laws need to be strengthened. Even if we kept DT at home, some other megalomaniac would arrive in the picture -- far too many in the world. Maybe Nature and sand will take care of DT's project one of these days!

unrelated -- did you see where sand came in third in the Gates' Reinventing the Toilet Challenge? if not, see Flushed with Pride in the Economist

Yes, we need a real humdinger of a North Sea storm to illustrate to DT where the true megalomania lies! And I suspect that Scotland's environment laws are perfectly adequate (the proposal was originally turned down) - it's simply that good old human nature and vested interests entered the equation.

And on your "unrelated" link, no, I hadn't seen this remarkable news. Another illustration of how sand can help with all kinds of clever stuff - the University of Toronto press release is at http://www.news.utoronto.ca/u-t-engineers-win-third-place-gates-foundation-toilet-challenge

Thanks for the link!

Golf courses are a huge waste of land, full stop. It doesn't even matter if they are replacing a unique ecosystem or not, although that is, of course much worse.

I'd gladly beat Trump about the head and neck with a black pudding stick if it would help.

Oo er, say, Sandglass - ya gots to keep them periods off teh end of yer URLs. ;) In comment three, specifically.

1. I agree - don't we have enough golf courses already? Why do we always need more????

2. Please go ahead.

3. Oops! and many thanks for pointing this out - it's just that old habit of "finish a sentence, put in the period." Now corrected, I hope (.)

The bulldozing is reminiscent of controlled burns(see e.g. http://www.sciencedaily.com/articles/c/controlled_burn.htm)
and the need in complex systems for frequent readjustments; golf fittingly expresses the human desire to control things--including burns.
"Chaos was the law of nature, order was the dream of man." (Henry Adams)

This man Trump seems to want a hand in running our Country. Alex Salmond must speak up. How come a bankrupt be allowed to buy so much land here, ignore our laws and hold up possible employment in the turbine industry? A ridiculous state of affairs.

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