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March 08, 2012


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As a new geomorphology grad student, I've appreciated your passion for a certain category of sediment grains and the knowledge of it you've imparted to us via your book and blog.

Malcolm, thanks, your comment is very much appreciated.

Congratulation Michael, your blog has been a great resource for me in the past and I am sure it will do much more in the future...onward!

Hurrah! As a small token in celebration of this, your bloggy milestone, I offer some recent finds. Perhaps they are not something which you have encountered already. ;)


Scroll down almost to the bottom to see the missing sand and shoreline, figs 18.31 & 18.32.


Congratulations, Michael! A milestone well worth noting, on a sedimental journey. "Even small quantities...rapidly start amounting to significant numbers" (Sand, p.68), and yours are now positively Archimedean. What a fascination, to see those query terms, one after the next as though you could watch the trickle through a sandglass, grain by grain. And all drawn toward you by the skill and dedication of your efforts. As a dedicated reader, I look forward to many more posts, many more search hits, myriad after myriad.

Thanks, Richard, as always.

"A sedimental journey" - why didn't I ever think of that????

F: thanks for the comment, and the links. No, I hadn't picked up on them - coastal management and barrier islands again (see the latest post)!

congratulations Michael - hope many more sand grains wash up to your web shores!

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