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February 18, 2012


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Doubtless the works of Homo palaeojavanicus.

Or perhaps Javanhotep the VIIIth, pausing on his way to a short break in Bali.

Please see important adenda et corrigenda just added to the post.

Before crossing the Pacific to build Puntiagudo-Cordón Cenizos. Promisingly, the Wikipedia article on glacial horns is titled Pyramidal Peaks. A scientific question is why mass wasting approximates tetrahedra in so many cases.

Very good scientific question - and one that occurred to me as I was glibly writing the first sentence of this post. Any answers?

Papers on sandpiles, make that about sandpiles, say that piles started on a square base will retain a pyramidal shape. Sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Pyramidal peaks are thought to begin when glaciers form cirques on several faces of a mountain, eroding out the spaces between arêtes. Again a posterior effect. Where edges join faces, perhaps gravity tends to direct flow between the edges? Possibly also perceptual--if a mountain has six or eight major faces, individual faces may not offer the clear cutout silhouette that appears so geometric.
I did enjoy that sequence of adverbs in your first sentence.

This is pretty interesting I have never heard of sand piles before. Did you guys hear about the 16+ pyramids they found in the Nile Delta with thermal satellite imaging.

prof.aryosio santoz said that Atlantis is indonesia. So the found of pyramid (wich is bigger and older than egyptian pyramid) will show that his theory coud be true

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