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February 25, 2012


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Macro is so much fun. Electronic shutter releases are very easy to come by, or even build now, at least for the Canon cams we use at LRRD.

I've had a lot of low-tech and inexpensive fun with magnifying filters on an all-purpose lens. If they work with the macro lens, you may want to try them. Depth of field is limited, but for sand...

Completely off topic:

Have you run across this?
Temper Sands in Prehistoric Oceanian Pottery: Geotectonics, Sedimentology, Petrography, Provenance GSA Special Paper 406
By William R. Dickinson


I ran across this looking for a definition of equatorial ocean siphoning. It looks very cool.

As a matter of fact, I have. It's a superb example of meticulous, thorough, cross-disciplinary research that yields fascinating and provocative results. I talked about a little in my book - in the "Testaments" chapter. Thanks for the reminder - and I didn't know that it could be found online.

Cross-disciplinary, indeed! Dickinson was the first resource I found which actually defined the term I was looking for!

Dear Michael,

I see that you are about to enter the realm of macro photography, you will find it a whole new world by itself at least in term of photography. Looking forward to some beautiful close ups from you...sand man ;)

wow, this is really sand?!
these little pieces, they are perfectly round!

Thanks a lot for the info posted here. And you know what? Your toy is just adorable! I also want a toy of the kind;) The review and the pics are awesome.

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