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January 11, 2012


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The observation that if "you take an animal from a white beach, and put it into black sand, and wait, it will tend to darken up after it molts" seems to me especially cool because it looks Lamarckian, but of course isn't. Not the change, but the ability to change, confers reproductive fitness. Still, how easy to interpret this otherwise.
Thanks for the pointer to the slipper lobster, Michael. The actions strongly resemble those of a miniature pinscher getting under her blanket, as observed here recently.

It occurs to me, after reading your earlier post on Wrangellia--I am in reverse again--that the slipper lobster also enacts my mental image of a subducting plate. Only with more charm.

Very unusual looking crabs,found one on the beach in Alabama. And they do dig into the sand very fast and was almost transparent looking.

The colors must have been representing something than what just we usually think of it. When my kids were still young, they used to play along the shore and got some of these. My girls would keep the white and my boys would keep the colored ones.

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