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October 27, 2011


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Wow, I had no idea! thanks, I will look for the sand equipment the next time our big steam locomotive (historical) comes through.

Astonishment is definitely a feeling to hold on to. I hope to always contain the capacity for astonishment. Far superior to jaded boredom.

I very much enjoy learning this information about the sand, because I have friends who hop trains. One even calls himself "Brakeshoe." If I hopped trains, I would name myself "Sand Dome."

Absolutely - astonishment is something to be treasured and sought, a daily dose...

And should you ever take on the mantle of "sand dome," you might like to choose your style from the selection inspired by classical architecture - see http://www.pacificng.com/ref/locobuilders/docs/sand-box-orders.gif

But this is the glory of a great idea, subject, insight--it reappears everywhere.
You are a classic hedgehog success story, Michael. If perhaps not to this extent of involvement with your material:
Blaize, if you see this, enormous thanks for that link to the sand box orders. The human desire for dignity is endlessly touching.

I like your assonant title. A possible alternative occurs to me: Sand, Steam, and Loss of Speed

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