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August 28, 2011


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Wow! Absolutely amazing. Glad I could help.

Marvelous intricate images, thanks. "And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum."
How apt to begin with the food chain! Walter's is not the only discomfort caused by ingested biofilm organisms, which are also important to kitchen hygiene. See for instance
Wooden cutting boards appear to draw bacteria out of biofilms into crevices where they die, while plastic cutting boards, seemingly easier to sanitize, support flourishing colonies even after cleaning. I can just see the label: New Fairy Liquid, Now with Meiofauna!

Richard - thanks for the kitchen hints! And it's interesting that Jonathan Swift's fleas occurred to you, for I had the same idea - I was thinking of a quote somewhere in the abysses of my synapses that I knew alluded to scale and the food chain. I could recite to myself the cadence - "dah de dah dah dah de dah" etc., but it was an hour or so before fleas, so to speak, emerged my brain. And then I realised that it was actually the inverse of what I was looking for, since the littluns are the threats to the bigguns. Ah well - hence Walter.

I like the children's story- nice touch. Its very odd to read about M. polysiphoniae in the context of a children's story- but amusing.

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