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August 24, 2011


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Nice piece! Pfifferling; Love it.

And I love the range of scales, in time and space. Never before have I seen the limen between tight and loose soil proposed as an ecotone, but it makes perfect sense. Also, this is beautifully written. It reminds me of a very pleasant summer mostly spent at Findley State Park, the other side of Cleveland. Thanks for the memories, Rob.

Thank you, Richard!

You may already know this, but Findley S.P. is situated in the "ridges" of north western and north central Ohio, and those ridges are the terminal moraines of the same series of glaciers that I refer to. I'm hoping there is sand in "them thar hills," as my family will soon be relocating to a town in that region. If there's sand, then maybe chanterelles or other oak-loving edibles like the sulfur shelf.



Good luck with the fungi, Rob, and with the relocation. And thanks for the map; it's pleasant to visualize the glaciers lapping up against the Appalachians, a great slow ocean.

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