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May 19, 2011


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Comparison to boats brings to mind the high prows and streamlined forms of Viking longboats, shaped for hydrodynamic efficiency as yardangs are efficiently shaped by the aerodynamics of sand: http://www.markland.org/docs/shipphysics.pdf
Photos 3 and 4 resemble oncoming fleets, a dire sighting from any medieval coast.

I guess that it's all about fluid dynamics - regardless of what the fluid is.

So, a herd of benign beasts or an invading fleet? Any other imagery stimulated by these humble yardangs?

Hi Michael,

I am a Geologist by qualification working in the Biostratigraphy Dept at Core Laboratories,Foraminifera to be precise.Your blog is very informative and amusing.Is there any way I can contact you?

Thanks and Regards,
Andrea D'Silva

I'll send you my email address (it is also on the blog)



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