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May 17, 2011


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Can't resist quoting:

You will not hear it as the sea; even stone
Is not more hushed by gravity...But slow,
As loth to take more tribute--sliding prone
Like one whose eyes were buried long ago
The River, spreading, flows--and spends your dream.
* * *
Damp tonnage and alluvial march of days --
Nights turbid, vascular with silted shale
And roots surrended down of moraine clays;
The Mississippi drinks the farthest dale.
* * *
Tortured with history, its one will - flow!

(from The River, part of The Bridge, by Hart Crane, whose imagination drew freely on geology)

"convulsive shift of sand" (Crane again, Cape Hatteras, in The Bridge)

I have a question, hoping some one has an answer for me. The Missouri is flooding, we have a pole barn type of building, our soil is very sandy. Should we try to pump the water away from the building? Will the quicksand that forms help or hurt the structure?

I wish that I was an engineering geologist and was equipped to answer your question!

Is there anyone reading this who can????

I will respond separately by e-mail and copy it to one engineering geologist whom I know.

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