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March 27, 2011


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I jut want to say how much I enjoy your Sunday Sand posts. I'm a geology grad student (MS) in California specializing in sedimentology, and I really love the sand photos. I love to see the differences in the sand from various locales, and all are different from the thin sections of sands I've stared at for so many, many hours!

Karen - many thanks for the comment. I much enjoy hearing from readers "out of the blue" and appreciate your taking the time to let me know. It seems to me that a guest Sunday Sand post on thin sections might be really entertaining - would you be interested????

I would indeed be interested, and I sent you an email on the subject; do let me know if you received it!

Karen - yes, email received and apologies for the delay in response - in the midst of rushing around organising move to Indonesia! I'll write to you very shortly.

Thanks again


Hi Michael

You took wonderful Bali beach picture. Bali is a land of god so everything is beautiful. Enjoy your traveling in Bali


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