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November 24, 2010


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I enjoy your blog but have trouble reading it when images on the periphery are animated. Today I placed a piece of cardboard on the screen to block the Flicker animation, then tried to move the animation off of the edge of the screen by sliding the window to the right. Neither works very well.

Don - thanks for getting in touch and I'm pleased that you enjoy the blog. But the problem with the flickr item on the sidebar is bizarre, not something that I have encountered before. I can easily take it off - are any other readers having this problem or does anyone have have a solution????

I am not seeing the Flicker image Michael and Don. Where that is located is showing a Windows internet connection problem screen like you get when you are not connected to the internet. I am seeing this on other sites so it must be a setting on my laptop that I am not aware of.

I get the wiping and expanding images too, but I rather like those flickr gadgets myself. I'm pretty sure that you can mess about with the settings for them?

hmm - OK, I'd be happy to see what I could do with the settings, but any idea how I do it???

I don't knw how it works for anything outside of "Blogger" blogs, but there, there's a simple "Number of Thumbnails" box to edit the size of it in the 'design' section of your blog.
Looking at your flickr gadget: it's different, I wouldn't be too suprised if that wipe effect is hard coded? Maybe either on or off, true/false? If you can track down the author of it and their site perhaps there's help there?

This is a little OT, but four days ago I'd never heard of Tony Runkel. Then I got an email from him responding to a note I'd left on the Minnesota Geological Survey's "Ask a Geologist" contact telling them of an Ordovician fossil bed I found in southern MN more than 50 years ago. Now a couple of days later I happen on to this description of one of his papers. Small world.

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