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September 29, 2010


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I have tracked back some links to this blog that should have been back in may of 09. Where did they go?
(I was actually interested in any research on stone made from sand)


Which links are they and how can I help?


A resemblance, in process only, to the more deliberate creation of the Nazca figures; if I were Erich von Daeniken, this would demonstrate their Martian source. Fortunately, I am not EvD.

"Fortunately" has nothing to do with it - it's a simple matter of rationality.....

The designs of nature are fundamentally sensitive to scale and perspective - the Nazca lines or the Martian dust devil tracks look completely different from the ground and from some random altitude. And I would include the creators of the Nazca lines in the spectrum of the creative agents of nature.

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