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August 02, 2010


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That un-conference sound really cool. I'll have to have a look and see if any talk transcriptions are published.

Just to share: Extraterrestrial arenaceousness.

Blowing in the Wind: Cassini Helps With Dune Whodunit on Saturn's Moon Titan

Martian Dust Devil Whirls Into Opportunity's View

Perhaps this is slightly less mind-bending than discussing gravity as an emergent property.


I believe that you will only find talk descriptions on tweets and blogs - being an unconference, everything was extremely informal - and undocumented.

Thanks for the links - I like dune controversies on distant moons!

Thank you for the hints. I may be able to find a little something, then. Better than fully peer-reviewed publications hiding behind a paywall any day.

I just wanted to note that the Accretionary Wedge which you (at least partially) inspired is very interesting. I still have quite a bit to read, but it is a positive banquet of food for thought.

Also, I may have found an over-abundance of Sci-Foo commentary. :D

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