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August 22, 2010


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Great post! I love it.
At some point, perhaps you could describe or demonstrate your sand microscope photography set-up. That might be interesting for folks interested in following your example...

Thanks, Callan - glad you liked it. And, yes, good idea - I'll put something together on my far-from-sophisticated "lab"!

I would certainly be interested in the equipment and methods used in your microphotograpy as well. The general principles are somewhat obvious, and certainly I could look up setups provided by others, but you write so well, and I'm sure you have unique insights to share.

I'm always amazed by your sand photos. Now, I'm disappointed that I had not collected any sand when I was in California. However, places like Manhattan Beach and Venice beach are quite likely artificially nourished, so I could not be sure as to where the sand really came from.

True, a degree of nourishment has probably been administered - but the process generally involves pumping sand from just offshore, so there's a good chance it will still be local, even if not naturally beach sand!

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