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August 19, 2010


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I find this information (and lack thereof!) about riverine systems increasingly interesting as I continue to read of such things. Thanks to your blog, Anne at Highly Allochthonous, and Brian of Clastic Detritus, I have a wealth of information and pointers to further information that would be very hard to come by if paying for peer-reviewed literature was the only access available. All praise to the internet, and the people who provide worthwhile content.

Michael, Thanks much for posting this. I'm actually grappling w/ this problem for a study I'm doing right now on the Santa Clara River (and nearby rivers) in southern California. We've done some paleo-sediment budget calculations using cosmogenic nuclide-derived bulk erosion rates from watersheds compared to depositional rates in the offshore sinks for the Holocene. The whole suspended only-load vs. entire load for historical measurements is rearing its ugly head. An interesting problem indeed.

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