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June 04, 2010


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At first glance the notion of berms appears to be a bad idea. But we need to know what effect a temporary barrier will have on the oil. If we need to survive one or two waves of oil the berm looks like a good bet---but if we need to prepare for prolonged oil baths berms will not help.

As to the use of Hesco barriers in the sand berms and whether they would change the hydrology, a couple of photos of Hesco barriers is worth a thousand words:

Worth a thousand words, indeed! Emphatically not a contribution to a "restoration project" and not even a berm in the normal sense of the word.

There are also suggestions, although I couldn't possibly comment further, that there is an element of political and commercial cosiness with respect to the use of Hesco baskets.....

great lesson in coastal dynamics!

thanks for sharing information about coastal dynamics.

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