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June 01, 2010


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The purpose of the berms is strictly for use as a anti-gubmint political bludgeon by the Drill Baby Drill TeaParty people who cheerleaded endlessly for oil companies and offshore drilling. Its too late to build them, the oil slick is the size of Texas so its too much coastline to protect, oil has already come ashore, they take 6-9+ months to build, they can be destroyed by a single storm, they could be harmful to the marshes and animals lucky enough to have survived the oil that has already come ashore.

No, the purpose of berms is the fanstasy-esque idea that berms would be helpful such that the Teaple can scream "Why isnt NoBama building berms?!" when not demanding that Obama turn over his birth cert. Its a self-defense mechanism from the same clownish crowd who just 43 days ago was pontificating on the near-pristine nature of offshore drilling. The same crowd who was screaming that the gubmint needs to get out of John Galt's way now wants the gubmint to clean up after John Galt.

Dredge Baby Dredge. Do the Brits mind taking Palin off our hands?

Thanks for the comment - and yes, we do mind!

Michael, keep up the excellent blogging on this subject ... this is exactly the type of fast- and ever-changing event that suits the blog medium well.

I haven't had any time to read all these articles, reports, and digest them -- a very complex and interesting issue to say the least.

very informative and urgently required series Michael.. and to your point:

"I may be straying from the self-declared non-controversial nature of this blog" .. you are getting good at it :)

Brian and Suvrat - your comments are much-appreciated! This certainly seems to be getting more attention than is normal for this blog!

I don't kmow if berms will work---but the fact that BP and USA are not trusted to mitgate oil damage predicts this reaction, Lets have General Powell in charge and lets see some US Army and Navy Seabees patrolling the beech.

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