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May 11, 2010


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Nice article. I'm always on the lookout for old movie backgrounds in my travels (old being relative, since I was 20 when Star Wars came out). Thanks for the comments over at Geotripper. I've been meaning to add Through the Sandglass to my blogroll and have now done so.

Thanks Michael for posting about these movie locations. Garry, it is one of the favorite movies of my twenties also. I remember seeing it's premiere(and saw it again) while stationed in Norfolk, VA in the Navy becoming thoroughly capitvated by the characters and special effects,John Williams score and impressed as always with the creative story telling imagination of George Lucas. He set the standard for future sci-fi epics.

Yes indeed - the influence of those movies on a certain generation of kids and adults is quite amazing in many ways; I well remember the anticipation of the entire family as the release date for the next one approached (with the slight exception of the parents' dread of yet another series of "must have" figures and models).

Star Wars is not the only movie that has used Tunisia - we saw a set from "The English Patient" built into an old building in Tozeur, and the kasbah (the fort) in Monastir is easily recognised from "The Life of Brian" (the Monty Python movie). And there are others I'm sure.

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