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April 08, 2010


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Perhaps it is a jab at deserts. Costa Rica with its tropical plants counts as "nature", but sand.....

How about an acronynm? Something less alarming...NATURE ECOLOGY and DIVERSITY HERE! or NATURE ENdlessly DelightS HERE?


Well you never know what you will find in America! Nature has to end somewhere and it might as well be at Buns and Noodle.

By the way, is that book just to right of yours titled The Hive really by someone named "Bee Wilson?"


a sign of the coming apocalypse... good catch :)

It's much more benign than you think -- check back in a week to see whether it's there and if it is, tell the manager. I suspect it means that the Nature section ends there, and the next shelf is waiting for a different section sign to be put on the edge. Or else they are reshelving a section and "nature ends here" was info for the staffer doing the shelving.

Work at B&N is very cut-and-dried -- every single tiny detail is planned by someone in corporate and nothing is left to chance.

Thanks for all the possible interpretations - I'm feeling better now (as long as the apocalypse will hold off for a while).

The sign was robustly glued to the shelf, so it seems like a permanent statement - perhaps, even under the cut-and-dried regimen, one staffer had a sense of humour.

And, David, in my distressed state, I hadn't noticed the Bee Hive book - I've checked it out and it really is her name! Perhaps I should change my name to Sandy.....


Bee Wilson is a great name. Sandy Welland sounds good if it helps sell books.

B.S. Williams*

*Building Stone

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