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November 11, 2009


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Congratulations on your first (hopefully of many) year of sand blogging!

great stuff Michael. keep it going!

Many thanks, Suvrat and Callan, for your continuing support.

Congratulations Michael! Looking forward to many more of your well researched essays that just keep on expanding in depth and area (like some sand dunes!)

Thanks, Jules - you make this whole process a pleasure!

Congratulations. I only recently started following your blog, and look forward to more posts on your interesting obsession. I live in Santa Cruz, CA, and the local paper has regular articles from Gary Griggs, whose interests in coastal processes include (of course) sand. Your blog helps me feed my own minor obsession with coastal processes and sand, solidified (sorry) when I read Cornelia Dean's Against the Tide.

The problem seems to be in style.css. Every entry in there is left-aligned but one. I don't know where, but some entry is overriding the center-alignment in the images' HTML style. The images are centered when style.css isn't loaded.

I guess I've been reading this almost as long as you have been posting. It is really an amazing blog, and one of the few I check on frequently. I've tried to comment in the past, but the commenting system wasn't playing nice. Let's see how this goes now that I've managed the arcane ways of OpenID and TypePad.

Sand is everywhere. On the National Geographic Channel tonight, desert glass figures in prominently as evidence for an airburst bolide (astron. def.). Which reminds me of a previous attempt to comment on booming sand, which I got to hear courtesy of Nat Geo as well.

Anyhow, happy anniversary!

Blaize - many thanks for your comment - the most enjoyable thing about the blog is actually hearing, out of the blue, from people who read it. Thanks also for the pointer to Gary Griggs - I see his recent piece is on submarine canyons, a topic that you may have noticed I find fascinating (a sub-obsession). Against the Tide is on my shelves, a valuable resource when I was researching the book.

And, finally for the moment, we are delighted to have discovered your most entertaining blog - rest assured that Joe on his tractor has an extended and active international family - he's been working on the road outside our apartment for months.

"F" - I'm delighted that the comment-posting problems seem to be resolved (I, of course, had no way of knowing about them). As I said in reply to Blaize, above, actually hearing out of the blue from readers is a huge pleasure, so thanks for persevering.

Thanks also for the suggestion about the formatting problem - I've sent your observation off to the Typepad help folk. Although I pride myself on problem-solving things like this, my abilities in the world behind the screen (html, css etc. etc.)are very limited; it's clear that I have done something that caused the spontaneous re-formatting, but I can't figure out what it is (being of a certain age so that these things are not inherently in my blood does not help).

Anyway, I'm really pleased to find that you are a long-time reader and that you share my view that sand is everywhere. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be able to visit the desert glass area in Egypt - I'd be interested to hear what the NG program has to say, because, for me, it's a great example of one of the wonderful things that remains something of a mystery to science, the things that make science exciting. Like booming sand ....

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