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August 07, 2009


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Fascinating,thanks for the continuing research Michael.

I knew that IC grade silcon had to be extremely pure,but the connection to Spruce Pine was new to me also and is a place situated in a very beautiful area of my adopted state that I will have to visit again.

Unfortunately, and inevitably, a visit to google earth will show that substantial areas of Mitchell County have lost some of that beauty.

Yes(sigh...)I know and the the Blue Ridge Parkway and its supporters are trying to save as much of the area in their viewscape as possible. The development going on there and along the rest of the VA/NC Blue Ridge is nothing though compared to the major ecological and social destruction going on in the mountain top removal areas of West Virginia and the Appalachians.

It is becoming increasingly controversial and affecting more people as well as the environment,so I am hoping that the protests will result in some abatement of this unsustainable mining technique. We have to mine for natural resources but there are political and corporate entities heavily involved who refuse to see that as with other excessive extraction processes of the past, this process cannot be sustained without irrevocable damage to the places that these industries and their workers live in and depend on.

Yes - it's unbelievable that this devastating mining technique, an offense to the landscape and to rational policy, continues. There was an article about it in the British press just last week -

Wonderful article Michael. I'm very glad the timing of our post on the intel.com Press Room was useful for you in your work.

Patrick Darling
Online Media Relations Manager

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