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July 03, 2009


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A collection of children's books that evoked my early love of science were(and I still enjoy reading them)the Golden Guides and Golden Press series including a similiar one like this on geology.


and this one, a real favorite of mine on weather which inspired and helped in a middle school science project in which I won a small award. (I put together some simple weather intruments and compared my measurements with the weather service reports for two weeks...not quite as accurate, but a good faith attempt!)


Though not as richly illustrated as the examples you show above, these colorful books were an essential part of my childhood introduction to nature and science. I can thank my mother for making sure I had access to all types of educational books,encyclopedias and magazines including National Geographic that cultivated early on my abiding curiosity and appreciation for the larger world and universe.

Jules - I didn't know about the Golden Guides - I rememeber the Golden Books (published by same press as the guides) from when I was six years old and living in the States. But I see that the Golden Guide to Geology wasn't published until the 1970s, by which time I was a bit older! I also see that the Geology Guide was written by Frank Rhodes, originally a Brit geologist who ended his career as President of Cornell - his work and writing are well-known.

In some ways, the UK equivalent of the Golden Guides would have been the Observer's Books, of which I had quite a collection - including the one on the weather. http://www.observersbooks.com/

Ah yes, school science projects - takes me back!

Inspiration - people, books, experiences - crucial and memorable wherever it comes from.

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

Thank for this topic Inspiration - the beginnings of a geologist. i am glad you helped me for this topic..

I believe that curiosity begins with an inspiration to discover something new. Geologist perhaps think very widely and they come up with the idea of discovering something that they think would help us many information of the past and what was the beginning of everything here on earth.

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