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July 06, 2009


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I can greatly empathsize with your "piste-off" feeling about this book and the seemingly endless nonsense of creationism.:)

It reminds me of another book which may still be for sale in the gift store at the Grand Canyon National Park. It is by minister and canyon guide, Tom Vail,"The Grand Canyon, Another View" and of course insists with all "rational" seriouness that the canyon was formed through a Bibical type flood.


One of the biggest money making farces in this country though has to be the creationist museum in Kentucky which sucks in the naive and comfortably deluded by the thousands.


Sadly intellectual laziness,willful scientific ignornace,pure looniness and complacent mediocrity has become a point of obstinate pride in some areas of American education,culture and politics. I have read that the American bred fundamentalist pathogen has unfortunately infested parts of the UK,Europe,Africa and elsewhere.

and unfortunately lots of people read this stuff and give glowing reviews, so it gets a high ranking on Amazon

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