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May 31, 2009


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next time you come through Berkeley, let me know

What's the geologic history of the Monterey channel? I can hardly believe that Elkhorn Slough created all that. Or --?

What's the element in the last photo called, and how does it evolve over time?

Hi Brian - I certainly will, and thanks! It was a fleeting visit this time, and involved seeing old friends.



Hi Diggitt - thanks for the comment. I'm on the run at San Francisco airport at the moment so will try to answer your question in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, the black and white photo at the end is a miniature "canyon" I found on the beach earlier that day - I was struck by the similarities of nature's architectural patterns regardless of scale!



Diggitt ... try this paper by Fildani & Normark that goes through the geologic history of the Monterey submarine fan. It doesn't focus on the canyon itself, but may help answer some of your questions about geologic history.

Fildani, Andrea, and Normark, W.R., 2004, Late Quaternary evolution of channel
and lobe complexes of Monterey Fan, Marine Geology 206, p. 199-223.

You can get the PDF from USGS site here: http://walrus.wr.usgs.gov/reports/reprints/Fildani_MG_206.pdf

Michael ... cool, would be good to grab a cup of coffee next time and chat about sand and Sand.

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