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April 29, 2009


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Michael ... I figured you'd post about that BLDGBLOG post soon ... very cool stuff!

btw, 'Sand' has arrived at my house, but is currently on the bottom of rather large stack of to-read books ... maybe it'll somehow get on top :)

If the book is bigger than the rest, then a slight shaking, a minor tremor or whatever, and the infamous brazil nut effect will kick in and it will end up on top.

ahh yes ... kinetic sieving!

Bacillus pasteuri?
Will it work with Gulf Of Mexico sand?
Where can I purchase?
Does it require steel reinforcement for structural integrity?
Can I grow it myself?

Rory - there's no reason why bacillus pasteurii shouldn't work its wonders on Gulf or Mexico sand - or any other sand for that matter. But as for the DIY approach, this might be something of a challenge. Most of the work so far has been on a small scale in laboratories and has required a great deal of time and experimentation (one of the biggest challenges is keeping the microbes fed and therefore productive).

There are a couple of other posts that describe bacillus pasteurii projects that might be of interest:



And I'm afraid that we aren't yet at the point of a real scale that tests structural integrity.

this blog is wonderful! thanks a lot for this beautiful and inspiring work!

Thank you!

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