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March 12, 2009


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Often it is the mundane,the overlooked and subtle things in life (and geology) that may have much to tell us when we are sensitive and patient enough(hard in these times)to pause to observe,listen,learn and appreciate. Congratulations Michael on the "vindication" by an esteemed museum on your efforts to expose us to the beauty and science behind something we usually take for granted.

Thanks again also for more background on Barcelona and the architecture of Gaudi. I wonder if George Lucas stood where you did,had a flash of inspiration(don't you love it when that proverbial light bulb comes on in our minds?)and conceived a part of his memorable vision of Darth Vadar from that intriquing statue. I saw the Sagrada from the the outside but there was so much construction going on at the time I was there, I don't believe entry into the inside of the church was allowed. Thanks for the great photos.

Sand is a great subject - and you do it quite well! Love your book, btw.

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