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March 14, 2009


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Fascinating post! For some reason it made me want to go over there and shovel sand.

Yes - "shovelling sand" has a kind of resonance with what we (or at least I) seem to do a lot of in our daily lives, and to do it literally in the Sahara would at least be more tangible - and the setting would be more fascinating!

i would like to tour this areas of dunes

Me too!

I would like to have permission to use the set of images above of the advancing dunes in an online sustainability course I am developing. I hope you are the owner of the images.
Thank you very much!

Linda C. Pope
503-939-4008 cell

Hi Linda - no problem and thanks for your interest. However, your request has raised an interesting issue - I'll do a little more research and get back to you directly via your email (if that's OK).



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