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March 28, 2009


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I love the sandy wordle, and the well-equipped geologist photo. No one else has shown a picture of geologist with beer or liquor in hand! I didn't know sea ice still has salt in it. A useful thing to know, if only for trivia-type conversations, if not for survival. Never tried tasting any.

Awesome. Congrats on 50 excellent posts!

What's up with the legwarmer things in that photo? Do people still use that attire in Arctic exploration today?

Thanks Callan - the woolly things are actually long socks, worn inside another pair of short wool socks and extending above the knee so that they can be secured within the climbing "britches" (as they used to be called). This would certainly rank in the "costume drama" category these days, a remake of Shackleton perhaps - but it was over 40 years ago, I was an impoverished undergraduate, and the entire expedition was a "string and sealing-wax" affair - but we lived and the geology was fantastic.

Hi Silver Fox - yes, the salt was a surprise, and it detracted from the first swig! It's not, of course, that alcohol is essential for fieldwork, but it does seem to feature quite commonly.

Congratulations Michael on the success of your blog and much thanks for providing us with your simulating essays that can lead to so many other places of interest on the web and in books.
Great photo from your past.

Thanks again, Jules!

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