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January 09, 2009


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Good to see that Andrew Clemens's extraordinary creations are getting a bit of publicity! DEAF LIFE Magazine is featuring a cover story about him, and I wager that it will come as a surprise to many of our readers. Until a bit ver a month ago, I didn't know about his story, either.

I always love to learn something new, and learning about Andrew Clemens was inspireing. I think the art world should add him to their list of GREAT ARTIST!! If you want to learn about him, Google: Grain-by-Grain: the amazing sand bottles of Andrew Clemens. By the way, if you find one of his bottles, the Road Show just appraised one for about

Just saw his works on Antiques Roadshow. I may not be 'schooled' in the fine arts, Mr. Clemens' work is simply incredibly beautiful! I find his art to be the 'coolest' thing I have seen in the last few decades, if not ever! My mother was a decent painter, but I have trouble drawing a stick figure. The talent and gift Andrew Clemens showed in his sand bottles is nothing less than amazing.

i wish I could see just how he did these!! Incredible!!!!!

It's Friday night Feb 18, 2011 and I'm in Tallahassee, Fla. I also just saw the sand bottle work of Andrew Clemens on Antique Road Show and it is utterly amazing! As in amazing! It seems impossible but there it is! I couldn't refrain from looking him up and here I am. I guess I've seen a few sand bottles somewhere at sometime but I hardly knew this type of craft existed. I'm searching for more words but I guess it's just a what can you say type of thing. From what I read, Andrew Clemens was dealt blows early in life but he didn't stand down. Kudos Mr. Clemens!

The work of this artist is exceptional. It is almost unbelievable, but I believe it! I had never heard of him until Antiques Road Show. Thank you to them for introducing Mr. Clemens to the public. I wish more people could see his work. This was an unusually gifted man who even posthumously is truly deserving of more publicity and recognition.

I too watched the Antiques Roadshow from Des Moines, Iowa. Never heard of Clemens before. Was fascinated by his work. One week later, with my friend, we are doing our usual Goodwill, Salvation Army etc. End up in a building where several dealers have stuff. The owner buys estates and puts it on a shelf. YES! I sure did find one on the shelf. 100% certain it's for real. Noone else on the planet could have done this work. Has between 10-11 different colors. Geometric work. Design flows with the actual pattern found on the bottle. Been reading everything on the web. Amazing man, brilliant artist. Taking it to the Iowa State Historical Building Tuesday, Feb. 22. Here's the kicker. Paid $3.99. My friend has been doing this sort of thing for years, me just a newbie. I'm so excited. Get this, it's not about how much it's worth (I could use some cash) but rather having this piece of history entrusted to me.

Kathy - please follow up with a comment here after your visit - the suspense is killing me!

Michael- I did take the bottle to Mike Smith the main curator at Iowa Historical Museum this afternoon. I live in West Des Moines. Took a friend to hold it while I drove. I was shaking inside. Was able to see Andrew Clemens exhibit while there. Mr. Smith had the aura of a curator. LOL He did not indicate one way or the other whether he thought it was the real deal. Which I'm sure it works that way for anyone bringing things in. He asked to keep it so he could look at it better and make some phone calls. He said that he had never seen this kind of bottle used. It's very Victornia looking. This comment did not bother me. I'm telling you there is no way anyone else could have done it. Didn't say how long it would be before he called me back. Which I understand. I took some pictures last night. Not a computer nerd but if you are comfortable giving me your email I will attempt to send those to you. Anxious to hear from you.

PS Made the decision last night, since I couldn't sleep, that if this is real I will donate it to the museum if they want it. Don't want the responsibility of this sitting on a shelf in my home. Just plan wrong on many levels to profit from this adventure. How cool is it to have something you found in a museum?

Kathy - this continuing story is fascinating and I look forward to further episodes. And yes, I'd be very interested to see the photos - my e-mail address is on the blog, but here it is directly:
[email protected].

As things progress, would you like to write a guest post for my blog? I would really appreciate it.



i have a sand bottle i would like to know if it is an andrew clemons how can i find out

Hi Neil - your best bet would be to contact the Iowa Historical Society: http://www.iowahistory.org/. Perhaps send them a photograph?

Good luck!


Hi folks,
I am a big fan of Andrew Clemens and have been researching him for quite some time. I also very familiar with many of his bottles. I am also familiar with a number of other sand artists that have attempted similar work. If you could provide pictures, I am sure I could identify who might have done them if not him.


Hye every one ..I saw the pictures and I like them..I'm interested in this art and I have a 12 years experience in this art ..so I can do a lot of sand bottles..
so if any one need to learn this art I'm ready and any one who interested in this art please visit our website https://sites.google.com/site/sandsbottle/
& also on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Desert-Magic/225038457509211
come&visit us and sure you will like what you will see!!!!

To Kathy, If you're still tracking comments on the sand bottle you found, I'd love to see a picture of the bottle you found. Wish I could find something that remarkable at one of the thrift stores. If you're okay with e-mailing me the pictures, my e-mail is [email protected]. I have several pictures of his work, and just tracked down a copy of Spinning Wheel Antiques magazine from 1965 which has one of his bottles on the cover. Let me know what you think.

I lived in Mcgregor 1948-1955. There was a shop that sold sand bottle pictures about a block from my house. I used to go in look at them but I don't know who made them I know the sand came from pike;s pike park. I guess I should have bought some
as I knew the lady that ran the store!! but I was only 14 years and didn't have
much money

Don Pettit

Wow...is it possible to still find his bottles?

Kathy Hoover, to which Good Will store did you go? In what state...wondering.

Kathy Hoover , tell us the end story on the bottle you found. Have you really given it to the museum?

This is amazing - I had an office in Jackson.Ms for 7 yrs. and found a sale held in a outdoor theater on the weekend - owner of my bottle offered to me as a"lamp"-had put a shad on it, so from there I'm now 84 retired,and have had this bottle stored till recently. Took it to a lamp store toPurchase a new shad!! Owner advised me it was not a Lamp and may be quite valuable. Since I now have it on a table, no shade. It's an amazing work as pictures will show. It had to be done by a professional for sure.The cap was lost at some point -but the origional wax seal remains in tact. I had added an additional cork for added security. It also seems to have a layer of plastic covering over the entire bottle - unusual for something this old. My email is [email protected]. Be happy to hear - Pictures available. I am referring to Christies in New york for an appraisel. Forty yrs ago, I paid about $20.00!

I have a believed to be the only sand picture of its kind it is made of the Sands from pikes peak state park in McGregor Iowa and it is of the scenic view from pikes Peak looking down on the Mississippi I inherited it from my father who had it hanging his business for years I believe you got it from his great grandfather dates back to sometime in the late 1800s it is absolutely beautiful. If anyone would like a picture of it I would be more than happy to email you wan I have no idea what something like this is worth I would love to get it on the roadshow. I’m not planning on selling it want to keep it in the family.

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