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December 12, 2008


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The image of Dr. Kruawun, what do the altering colors of the stick measure - time scale? - how much time?

Fantastic pictures, I recall seeing something similar on the discovery channel (or network of channels) where they were doing the same in the coastal areas of New England/New York (though I think it was more related to hurricane surge).

Jesse - thanks for the comment and for looking at my blog!

I believe that the stick is a meter measure and that each segment is 10 cms. It's amazing how regular the sand occurrences are and how similar they are in thickness. As for time, the dark soil layers represent a long period of time, the sands an essentially instantaneous event; it looks as if the recent soil layer is around 20 cms thick and that represents the time since the last tsunami around seven or eight hundred years ago.

And yes, there's a whole science of "paleotempestology" which looks at the sedimentary records of ancient storms and hurricanes - as well as tsunamis - and a lot of this kind of work has been done around all the coastal regions of the US.

tsunamis are very danger because many of them die of tsunami.

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