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December 01, 2008


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Hi Michael,

Your blog is off to a great start. These are compelling, interesting posts. Looking forward to more of the same in the future. Welcome to the geoblogosphere!


Hi Callan - I loved the handfuls of Hawaiian sand on your blog (now added to my blogroll) - and the description of olivine sand "flavored with basalt fragments." And yes, I find that the inner geologist just doesn't turn off, which can make us difficult traveling companions!


Thank you Mr Welland for your new blog for the links to Robert Hazens publications. The speculations on emergent complexity and how geological processes may have played intregal part of the origins of life is fascinating to me. I very much enjoyed two of his Teaching Company courses: The Origins of Life and The Joy of Science. He does have a wonderful ability to clearly communicate his enthusiasm and broad understanding of science.

I arrived at your blog via About Geology and Nova Geoblog and intend to purchase your book on sand which is something I walk on frequently and have pondered it's deeply ancient origins in the Sandhills region of the Carolinas of the southeastern US.

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