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April 05, 2010


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that's a great figure. thanks for the summary.

Footprints... theyve always been there. Nice work buddy, very interesting!

I applaud the effort that has went into the analysis of the Laetoli foot prints. I have studied a lot of the information about the foot prints and I think there may be another explanation as to how the foot prints were made. My suggestion is that these foot prints were made by creatures that were a little more advanced tool users than we currently attribute to them. There appears to be three steps of foot prints. I suggest that two of the creatures were carrying a dead animal suspended from a pole. Since the creature in the rear can not see where it is walking, the safest way to walk is in the foot prints of the creature in front. Since the pole would be carried on one shoulder, the increased depth on one side could be attributed to that weight. The third creature is walking beside the dead animal preventing swaying.

Interesting ideas, Phillip - thanks for the contribution!

Simply just want to say Now i'm ecstatic I came on your website page!

Thank you, Samuel!

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